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    Tacky Flux Packaging
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    STIRRI-V2-TF™ is a no-clean rosin-based MT soldering tacky paste flux for electronics repair and rework using Hot Air.

    Amber-Series tubes to provide for at least 24-months shelf life

    No-clean soldering tacky paste flux, rosin-based formulation with pine scent, designed for electronics repair and rework using hot air and MT alloys (Sn60/Sn62/Sn63 Mid-Temp/Military-Tech) and Hot Air station.

    V2 solder flux has right amount of solids to withstand moderate Hot Air action to complete the repair without many top-ups which can be a useful time/cost saving feature for professionals soldering all day for a living.

    – ROL0 flux classification
    – Fine-tuned for Tin/Lead applications by hot air
    – Clear residue
    – Excellent wetting compatibility on most board finishes
    – Doesn’t short components
    – Wide process window – continue where you left off at a later time, once heated the flux will flow again

    Product keynotes

    – Rosin-based, low activity no-clean tacky solder flux specifically designed for hand-operations with leaded alloys – manual Sn/Pb rework with hot-air. Suitable for entry level of training and any basic, readily available amateur soldering tools. Filling the workspace with a distinctive terpene/pine scent.

    – Mighty action – a noticeable booster for copper ions while wicking the workspace. Quickly breaks-up lead-free joints preparing workspace for leaded repair. Exceptional wetting – tames tin/lead alloy, puts an operator in control, solder magically flows where it has flow. Excellent tackiness – holds components in-place for “dancing” with hot air. Long process window – continue a project at a later time, once heated the flux will flow again.

    – Optimal viscosity – 30-50 (Malcom @ 10 RPM/25°C (x103mPa/s)) allowing smooth flow from a syringe. Halide-free (<0.05%). Surface insulation (SIR) resistant. No copper mirror breakthrough. Low electrochemical migration (<1 decade drop). Loaded with fire-retardant properties step-activated as heat increases.

    – ROL0 classification – non-corrosive, doesn’t short circuits, can be left on board for multiple SMT assemblies. Clear residue is best to be removed by hot air, otherwise using foam swab and basic solvents like isopropanol (best practice is to clean all flux residues all the time to avoid board contamination or voltage leakage on circuits with high impedance, also non-activated residue may absorb moisture from air and subsequently cause corrosion).

    – Industrial air-syringe intended for pneumatic dispensing machines – to manually control the flow use a dispensing kit (plunger and tip sold separately). Do not remove the piston/stopper! Do not discard the original nozzle cap, tighten the cap while not using the flux – flux may dry out upon extended contact with air. Keep at a room temperature – do not refrigerate.


    Mid-temperature Hot Air hand-soldering repair/rework/assembly


    ROL0 classification - no-clean and not corrosive. Halide-free (<0.05%). Surface insulation resistant. No copper mirror breakthrough. Low electrochemical migration (<1 decade drop)


    30-50 mPa/s (Malcom @ 10 RPM/25ºC (x 10³mPa/s))


    The information contained herein is based on technical data that we believe to be reliable and is intended for use by persons having relevant skills at their own risk. Consumers should make their own tests to determine the suitability of each product for their particular process and take safety measures. Manufacturer/resellers assume no liability for results obtained or damages incurred through the application of the data presented.

    Cleaning "No-Clean"

    “No-clean” indicates cleaning method as defined by IPC standard and does not mean that the flux leaves no residue. No-clean rather means that the flux can be left on PCB for several consecutive SMT assemblies but also won’t cause corrosion if left indefinitely. However, cleaning can be necessary and it is desirable. No-clean fluxes are easily removed using industrial solvents in ultrasonic devices or using commercially available flux residue removers like STIRRI HydraSweep™.

    Dispensing Kit

    This product does not include any Dispensing Kit - a separate purchase! 

    Dispensing Kit is an add-on for manual dispensing, used to create a pressure with a plunger similarly to a medical syringe.

    Air syringes intended for pneumatic dispensing machines use a piston stopper instead of a plunger. Do not remove the piston as it delivers the best seal preventing contact with air!


    This material is certified REACH-compliant - does not use any raw materials from the REACH restricted list of substances of high concern.

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    You are in good hands!

    Made in the USA to the applicable industry standards 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

    Liquid-proof the assembly with Nano-Coating - dries in less than 8 seconds

    STIRRI HydraCoat™ is a liquid repellent making PCB liquid proof, instantly improving assembly value!

    With an impressive droplet contact angle of over 113º, this nonconducting solution creates an invisible hydrophobic shield repelling weather, humidity, moisture - coated PCB continues to function even when fully submerged!

    Broadly suited for consumer devices, automotive circuits, urban and landscaping lightning, LED, medical or electronic devices, marine, boating and yachting industries.

    Dry to touch in less than 8 seconds, self cures in 24 hrs or 10 min in 60ºC chamber.

    STIRRI's Conformal nano-coating ensures end-customer satisfaction while virtually eliminating assembly claims due to environmental or consumer liquid damages.

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